Privacy Policy

Our metal roofing company thrives on making your privacy our number one focus. We have implemented a solid practice of securing your personal information. We do this with a top notch software system that will not allow any third member parties to access our files.

We are able to collect information given by you to individualize your page. We want you to feel the most comfortable when utilizing our website. Any data that is collected will stay in our files until the terms of our agreement are abandoned.

Cookies are used on our site to collect and gather important information about you. They are only used to recognize you as the customer. We do not use them for anything other than what they are intended for. You do have the option to disable cookies from your settings menu. If you decide to do so, you are giving up any rights to the benefits we offer.

We ask the following information from you in order to gain a better understanding of you as an individual: your name, physical address, contact numbers and email address. Any information that you give that is misleading may result in being ejected from the site. You do retain the right to enter our site as a visitor. By doing this you are not able to take advantage of special offers.

Our company will not sell your personal information to any third parties. We restrict the right to acknowledge them or to contact you as the customer. If you click on a link from our site that is not directly affiliated with our company, you are taking the risk of having your information exposed. We only use these parties as sponsors and affiliates of similar products.

You can request, at any time, to have your information taken off our website. It is at your sole discretion, and you will need to give permission in writing to be cleared from our files. You also can request, in writing or email, to have a copy of this policy for your records. Doing so will keep your files recorded electronically.

Optional data may be asked of you while doing business with our metal roofing company. This information that is collected will be kept in order to individualize the website around your specifics. You are allowed at any time to have any and all of this information removed only when you’ve decided to stop doing business with our company. We will secure your personal information with us until the agreement is broken between you and the company. If it is terminated at an earlier time other than what is contracted, you may be held liable for any actions that may take place.

Please read this policy carefully as it is a protector of your personal information. We do not ask for social security numbers unless you are doing business with us that would require you to do so. Our company wants to keep you feeling safe and not unprotected.