Terms and Conditions

The terms of this website are what we believe to be in the highest regards to you as the customer. Please read the following agreement as it is a guideline to our site.


You are hereby agreeing that any and all items covered on this website are as is. This means that anything purchased from the website is not warranted or valid upon the individual’s receiving of it. This agreement also covers losses. Losses of money and other damages need to be filtered through your insurer or legal affiliate. You are accepting the risk by entering into an agreement with us.


Anyone who uses our site has the right to send us in a submission. This includes ways to improve the site and graphics that have been created originally. If we decide to use anything that is submitted, we have the right to make it our own as you give up all rights of ownership to it.

Deleting and Modification

Our metal roofing company has the right, at all times, to add, delete or modify the information on our site. This is for the customer’s benefit and we do not have to alert customers or the public before doing so. We do this in order to update our information and to delete older information that is not valid or useful to the public any longer.


We are protected through the limits on our site. If you happen to get a virus from anything that is downloaded, it is not at the fault of the company. We implement quality software to prevent these things from happening.


Everything on our site that was created by our team is legally copyrighted. This would include all videos, pictures and other materials. If you use them without permission, you will be held liable by our company and possibly the court of law. We ask that you write us for permission before using anything that is owned and protected by us.


Any damages, loss or violations while on our site are the responsibility and risk of your own. You are indemnifying yourself by entering into the site. This means giving up your rights to legally go after our company for any reason. We do this to protect our own assets and anything that may be lost due to your actions or fault.

Third Party Website

We shall not be held responsible for anything offered through a third party website. It is at your own risk to enter these sites. If a link form our site is clicked, and the customer taken to another party, you should use caution when navigating the site.


All things covered on our metal roofing website are covered in this agreement. By entering, you are agreeing to all terms. If at any time after any services or products have been purchased you are agreeing to them as is and not warranted. Only our legal experts can handle it after that point.